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alyssa. teenage dreamer. lover of all things delicate, feminine, and pink. can't wait for paris this spring. long straight hair and petite. no direction but lots of hope. passive and frugal. mostly optimistic. too sensitive.

things i love
bunnies, the sound of rain, genuine people, kawaii things, wearing dresses and skirts, crafting, instagram, pizza, high waisted shorts, bows, and a lot more.

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tongue tied by grouplove

you're all beautiful. remember that. xoxo
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In my own paradise I would:

Pretty much only have the necessities
Eat all organic whole foods
Be naked 85% of the time
Get as much sleep as I wanted
Learn at my own pace in my own interests
Meditate and do yoga a lot
Have a garden


Anonymous asked: Hey beautiful. I just stumbled on ur blog, when i seen ur amazing beauty i just had to send u a message. U are so sweet and beautiful. Thank u for always answering me : ) ur sweet anon :)

Please don’t leave forever :) stay and talk to me. X

Anonymous asked: Hi dear! You have a gorgeous blog! <3 I was just wondering if you also have a Pinterest?

Hi! Thank you so much :) I think people don’t like it anymore because I lose a ton of followers. Lol.

Anonymous asked: and if you want plain ones, i have plain black smoking slippers from h&m and they're super versatile, only $17!

Oooh nice! :) maybe I’ll try those.. I haven’t gotten shoes in this style ever before x

Anonymous asked: tbh i prefer smoking slippers when they're plain, but i don't think they're trashy especially if you pair them with the right outfit

Oh are these called smoking slippers? :)! I think I would like them plain too, but the gold also adds some nice flair.. I definitely would style them right like you said. I think it will depend how I complement them. Thanks guys!

Anonymous asked: personally, i'm not a fan of the dark brown calf hair, but if you can rock them, go for it! The thick gold chain is pretty trendy right now, so I think if it was me, i'd return them and get a different pair. :) hope this helps, good luck xxx

Ooo oh i really liked these thoughts!! Okay I get u don’t like calf hair, I just kinda do because I think it’s nice :) but it’s nice to hear that the gold chain part isn’t obnoxiously terrible (that’s what I was worried about) so thank u xxx

Anonymous asked: They are very taky/trashy but they are still cool somehow

Lol I didn’t even think of that when I got them! That’s the thing! Now I’m kinda annoyed. Like my style is really polished. I think I’d wear them with black leggings and a button up top. But now idk if I want them! They were $150 sooo idk whether to keep or what! More opinions welcomed heheh!

Anonymous asked: Hey beautiful. I dont have a tumblr account so dont think i can come off anon. Sorry. U are an amazing beautiful sweet girl. Ur anon

Awwwww :) so so kind. And are you sure? Just make one, it’s fun anyway. How did you find me without tumblr? :)

Anonymous asked: Thank u for possitive vibes. Send them back ur way. U are so sweet and beautiful. Ur anon

:) :) :) ily xx come off anon!